Shame on you to sell Groove Agent 4 add-ons

Groove Agent 4 is not a Groove Agent 3 replacement .

I wish I could get back my money .

I really miss G3 :imp:


What’s stopping you reinstalling 3 and running it alongside 4?

Does not work properly on modern OS on MAC.

Have you tried JBridge? Can anyone else confirm it doesn’t work under JBridge?

jBridge does not work on GA3 on my computer. This is NOT the same as it won’t work on another computer. However I did not get it to work under jBridge, CB7 and Win7 either (GA3). Think I have a dozen plugs that jBridge does not handle (Neither does VePro). Can’t get WizooVerb to work either, but I know several installations that does. GA3, Wizoo and Broomstick are truly missed. Broomstick ran for a while in a rewired Reaper but Mountain Lion ended that possibility too.

However, I also have an old XP PC where I am running CB4.5 and there they all work. So I can run VST link and, in a extremely cumbersome way, still have access.

If Steinberg issued a 64 bit update of GA3, all the critics on GA4 would disappear and GA4 could be used for what it is worth (not much, but anyway). Now GA4 will continue to annoy all previous GA users for the rest of their lives. We will all be gone in 50 years or so, but during that time the ulcer rate among GA users will grow and the governments around the world will sue Steinberg for the cost of increased medical care.

ic have GA 2 + 4. I would like to use GA2 over 4 but under Win 7 64 I can’t even install it.
Is there a chance do get a Full GA 3 download so that I can use that instead of GA 4 ?


Not trying to ‘defend’ Steinberg in any way, but unfortunately it’s ‘modern’ business. Just take a look at ‘modern’ (how quickly words turn sour these days…) games, those which include micro-transactions, playing on your patience or inabilities to use time. It’s lame, yet brilliant from a business standpoint, even though in the long run I think it’s just another shot-ourselves-in-the-foot kind of thing really. Businesses don’t know how to top last years revenue (i.e. profit, etc. whatever word you want to use), which is why the sales schemes get crazier and crazier.

What you CAN do, however, is simple: vote with your wallet.

I agree that voting with the wallet is good, however it needs products that does not sail under a false flag. Calling the d@%n thing GrooveAgent4! :imp:

I will however never (and then I mean never) buy another Steinberg plug. This is what GA4 has done to me, so yes, in regard of this customer; it is like SB shot themselves in the foot.

Well, all plugins from Steinberg are not in the GA4 category of sales. E.g. HALion.

One has to remember that many of the other drum plugins are sold under the same premise as GA4, so it’s not a Steinberg exclusive.

Perhaps you’d like to check out MDrummer by Melda Production. One time price, unlimited updates and upgrades (and VST3/64-bit).

Nope. No other drum software uses a sequel name and put something quite different in it. I own Halion and even if it is good, the GA experience has destroyed every future plug release from Steinberg for me. I know Melda, have several of their plugs, however not the drummer. Haven’t found it good enough compared to others.

Agreed, there’s nothing wrong with Groove Agent 4 - it just should have been called something else OR they provide an alternative classic interface option so you can use it the same way as the Groove Agent(s) we know and love.

The people writing the software completely changed between GA and GA3 but they still managed to retain the same feel.

Oh, and as GA3 is only the previous product version - there’s no excuse for not maintaining it regardless of its age.