Share audio via social media

Good Day,

I am going to be purchasing the pro version is music studio as I have tested the free version and enjoy it.

I have a few questions.

  1. My friends and I have a whatsapp group where we share our idea on. They all have android and as you all know you can send songs via WhatsApp. With IPhone you cannot. Is there a option in the pro version to share via WhatsApp?

Hi, and thank you for you interest in Music Studio!

The answer is yes, here is how:

  • In the Projects screen, select an audio file from the Audio folder.
  • Tap Share, select Apps & More, then tap OK.
  • From the list of Apps, select WhatsApp.

Hi there have you tried to clear Whatsapp caches and try to share audio because something similar is happened to me. Whenever I tried to share audio via whatsapp it doesn’t load audio file but when I do this all my problem got solved if this doesn’t solve your issue then you can use this GBWhatsapp Apk ( ) this is a modified version of Whatsapp.