Share / copy system breaks from different layouts?

I’ve set up a couple of system breaks in my “Full Score” layout. The system breaks I’ve made make sense musically, and I’d like to apply them for other instruments layout as well.
Unfortunately seems like system breaks are store per layout. Is there a way to overcome this? (A preference, or a way to “copy” system breaks from a different layout)

You can propagate part formatting (casting off and optionally layout options too) between part layouts, but not full score layouts.

You can also select and copy/paste individually selected break signposts between layouts in Write mode.

Copying and pasting worked (should have thought of it myself :man_facepalming:)
The propagate part formatting looks even easier, but it’s weird that it doesn’t support full score? What’s the fundamental different between full score layout and part layouts in Dorico’s Architecture?

The feature is called “propagate part formatting” :slight_smile:

Still, any layout can contain more than one part, right…? :thinking:

A single layout can contain any number of players; a part layout is generally something that you put on someone’s stand.

Either way: in Dorico, it only works on layouts whose type is “part”.