Share Cubase projects and MP3's between devices and OS's

This is something I discovered recently and I have seen many forum members posting looking for such a FREE project-sharing resource.

It is called DROPBOX.

It allows you to give access to your projects to anyone you choose in any location around the world. (or ANY other folder on your PC)

That means COLLABORATIONS can be a snap !

Works between different OS’s and even Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows, OSX devices ! Everything !


  1. Choose what folder on your PC to share
  2. Create a Cubase project in that folder
  3. DONE - it AUTOMATICALLY updates each time you modify the files!

NOTE: No need to ever UPLOAD or DOWNLOAD your files. You simply have a new folder in your PC that connects directly to the ‘DropBox’ online storage.

Nothing more to do and your partner can instantly work on your collaboration from across the world ! INSTANTLY !

Can also share just MP3 folder if you choose !

Give it a try . It is 100% free and you get 2 Gigs of storage space free (2000 Megabytes)

Use my link to get a free account and they will give you (and me) a bonus 250meg FREE ! <---- click here to create your free 2 gig project collaboration account.

I got this information from local students who use it for their school projects and I decided to try it with CUBASE ! It worked Flawlessly !

No more emailing projects and keeping track of revisions ! Its basically like a shared hard drive across the internet ! Collaborations could not get ANY easier than this ! (Well except for making sure you BOTH have the same VST’s installed :laughing: )

I’ve been happily using dropbox for over a year now between my 2 computers.It works for any kind of files and folders.
I’ts also fine for plain storage or just sharing a download link from your public folder.
The free 2 gb limit is ok but soon won’t be enough.

Apple spies on you with tracking

Microsoft needs routine patching or you get hacked

OSX now has viruses…

DROPBOX employees can see your files…

nothing is safe on the internet.

The only safe internet is abstinence

but for those who use internet… this makes cubase collaboration so much easier…

and yes. the free 2 gigs is not enuf for multiple projects because they want you to pay to upgrade. Just use the fe 2 gigs for that 1 project we all have to collab on once in awhile… then erase it when youre done and start again!

Posted the link with the best intentions.

I forgot to say - thanks for sharing that link.

I heard rumors about people being able to see your files and thanks to your link I better understand it now.

From what I pieced together the company actually ‘can’ access your files if needed (such as a court order requiring them to turn over your massive polka MP3 collection :laughing: )

It does make more sense now after reading that article.