Share instrument from Layer and Track?

On the PART side, we can share instrument between severals Layers.

Would it be possible to assign a shared instrument (from a layer) to a midi track ?

Can’t promise but we are working on that.

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Hi @musicullum,

  • What I found today is the below feature in Midi Track :


I can now play my midi track with the instrument from Layer.

Is it a good configuration ? (I mean in PC ressources etc)

  • Moreover, there is a difference between both “Select Output Device” :
    “Layer” can only be selected from the button on the right.

Yes. You can also press the “R” (Record) item in the Layer to create such a track.

Resources are plugins and the memory and cpu load those create. VST Live itself is pretty humble. So it doesn’t mak a difference and you are good to go this way.

You are right, will fix this, thanks.

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Hi @musicullum ,

it seems that there is an issue with the Output Layer in tracks.
I assign the output of my first midit track (“Synth - Refrain”) to a layer (“Refrain…”), and when I assign the output of my second midi track (“Synth - Pre Refrain”) to a different layer (example “Pre Refrain…”), is it anyway assign to the first layer (Refrain…) :



Yes, we’ll fix.

cannot reproduce:

  • new project
  • add Layer (Layer 2), best with different instr. than Layer 1
  • add midi track (Track 1), input MIDI 1, monitor on, output Layer 1
  • add midi track (Track 2), input MIDI 2, monitor on, output Layer 2

MIDI IN 1 plays Layer 1 thru track 1, MIDI IN 2 plays Layer 2 thru track 2.

If you still think it’s wrong, pls. provide step-by-step, thanks.

@musicullum , you removed the “layer” assignation from tracks ? I though you would have added it in the button from inspector.

I see it in both now.