Share your Macros and Project Logical Editors here!

Macros and PLE’s are very useful to speedup your workflow. By assigning them to key commands or buttons on your midi controller you can reduce the number of mouse clicks even more.

In this topic you can share your custom-built macros and PLE’s. They may be useful to other Nuendo users.

Here are some of mine:

Duplicate tracks, move to folder and disable

What is does:
It creates duplicates from selected track(s), creates a new track folder, moves the duplicated track(s) to this folder and disables these tracks.

When I import an AAF I want to create a safety backup of it before I start editing. Just in case I mess up the original edits or accidentally delete audio events. This macro quickly creates a backup of the tracks in the AAF with only a few clicks. Select the tracks you want to duplicate, and apply the macro.


  • Project - Duplicate Tracks
  • Project - Move Selected tracks to New Folder
  • Audio - Disable/Enable Track

Duplicate tracks without data

What it does:
It creates duplicates from selected track(s) without the data on the track.

Sometimes you may want to create a duplicate from a track with all the settings, such as EQ, Routing, Inserts etc. but NOT the data events containing it, like audio events and automation).


  • Project - Duplicate Tracks
  • Automation - Delete automation on selected tracks
  • Track versions - Delete inactive versions of selected tracks
  • Edit - Select all on tracks
  • Edit - Delete

Move selection to next track

What it does:
It selects all events on a track, and moves them to the next track.

If you have multiple audio events spread on different tracks but want to move them quickly to one track, you only have to select the first track and then apply the macro just as many times until all events are gathered on the desired track. By assigning this macro to a key command you simply have to press the key a few time until all events are placed on the last track.


  • Edit - Select all on tracks
  • Navigate - down (or up)
  • Edit - move to selected track

Create cycle marker from event

What it does:

It sets the L and R locators to a selected event, and creates and names a new cycle marker.

Simply select an event, apply the macro and enter the name of the cycle marker.

-Transport - Locators to Selection

  • Marker - Insert and name Cycle Marker

Recall a workspace

What is does:
Recall a workspace including neither cursor position nor zoom factor (as it should work !)

Commands example for Workspace number 1 :

  • Zoom - Zoom MEM
  • Workspace - Workspace 1
  • Zoom - Zoom ZAP