Share your useful Jump Bar Aliases

Hi All——
Many of you are cleverer than me, or you use features that I’ve long forgotten even existed. The jump bar is freaking awesome and it really seems the sky is the limit here! I’ve started brainstorming about some useful aliases for particularly common Dorico functions. Let’s share our favorites here so we can gain from each other’s ideas.

So far I’ve thought of:

  • Filter Notes & Chords: FN
  • Filter All Lyrics: FL
  • Hide Signposts: SP
  • Toggle View Type: VM (“view mode”)

PS—in case anyone missed it: you can define aliases directly from the jump bar by simply typing out the command you want in full, followed by =XX with XX being whatever you want your alias to be. You don’t even need to go into the key commands settings to do this.


I’m not yet in a position to contribute, I just want to let you know I think this is a great idea!

Just one (little) remark: writing =XX, you seem to suggest that two characters are needed to define an alias. But in his video, Anthony demonstrates that one character is enough (when he uses u for Up-stem Voice, and d for Down-stem Voice).

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I haven’t yet started with Dorico, but so far I’m thinking in aliases that previously where compound shortcuts for me, namely those for filters, which for me began with ⌘F . So I’ll likely set up similar aliases than you. For instance, FU/FD filter up/down-stem voice, FQ filter chord symbols, FL1 filter lyrics line 1, FS filter slurs, etc.
The toggle view type is a good one. Reaching ⌘⌥1 or 2 is not always easy. Fortunately, I’m a pianist. I’ve played chord dispositions more complicated than that.
I’d use W (for sWap) for swapping staff contents.


I most certainly didn’t mean to imply anything other than a generic placeholder for whatever you decide to type, but I am glad that you have clarified this for anyone who may not have known.

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