Shared input and external effect buses

Why must external effects buses and input buses be exclusive?

For example, I might want a compressor to be an external effect during a mix, but for tracking it would be nice to use it as an input.

Today in Nuendo, I may not use a buss that’s part of an external effect as an input, even when I’m NOT using it as an effect…


Yes I would love to have the plugin available for many tracks…

The original design must help us not double bussing stuf but …

Could you give me the possibility to manage my stuf ? I would love to have the plug in in all my tracks (i do mastering) only one song on one track is used at a time.

Now if i want to use the plug i have to automate the bypass button on my main “send to rack buss”… anoying.

Thanx !

I think we are talking about different things.

What I’m looking for is the ability to use the same input as an input OR an external plug-in.

For example, if I set up an external plug-in for a compressor, I cannot then track with that channel regardless of if I’m using it as a plug in or not. And, because external plug-in configurations are not selectable like input and output set-ups, there’s no really easy way to accomplish this.

So, what I end up doing is patching it in the rack before it gets to the converter.

Would be nice to do this in software instead.



Sort of related to Open Bus requests, as well. Basically, allow multiple concurrent/conflicting bus set ups to exist as one time, and only when one goes into use does it become committed into a configuration. This would be true across inputs, outputs and external plugins.

Might also be interesting to introduce an idea of a virtual bus, sort of how like main mix works with the control room activated, but does not require attachment to a physical io

But MOSTLY, I just want to be able to use outboard for tracking and as an external plug without having to reconfigure Nuendo between the two options.