Shared instrument/ layer?

  • About Shared instrument, when I choose a Shared instrument, the parameters “Controls”, “Volume” and “PAN” are changing.



  • When I save a song with Shared Instrument, if I load this song, the shared instrument parameter is no longer configured.

  • What is the difference between controls AUDIO and MIDI ?

  • Moreover, I would like to share the entire layer.
    Is it possible ?
    Can it be a future feature ?

It does not change, only the MIDI/Audio switch is activated deliberately in order to point out that shared Instruments make the most sense with mutitimral instruments where you use MIDI controls and channels instead of audio controls for single Instrument instances.
When you change audio volume, pan, or mute it will affect all Layers using this shared Instrument. This is barely what you probably want, so you will most likely want to use different MIDI channels for your Layers and use MIDI volume, pan, and mute instead. If you are absolutely sure that you want the same volume for all of your Layers using this, just switch the Audio/MIDI button but be aware that any change to the audio controls change all Layers of the entire project which refer to that shared Instrument.

Ok, understood this point. If I have different MIDI Channel, I can have differents values for PAN, Volume (:warning: Mute and Solo seem to not be shared :warning: )

What about the shared parameters are not saved ?
I create a new project and configure some shared instrument in the default Song 1. I save the Song.
Then I create a new project and I load this song => the shared parameters have not been saved.

Instruments are shared, not Layers. Mute and Solo belong to the Layer. MIDI Volume and Pan may adress the Instrument or not, depending on the plugin or exernal hardware.
Your settings should be saved and managed by the plugin or external Instrument, and when you load a new project, all but local settings are replaced. So what do you mean by “the shared parameters”?

Sorry, I mean by “the shared parameters” the below parameter :

If I configure a shared instrument, I save the song. When I load the song, the Shared parameter is reseted (to )…

That is correct, shared Instruments live in the context of the Project, and a single Song loaded does not have that context anymore (possibly it does, if imported into the same project where the shared Instrument still exists). You need to save and load the entire project.

Hi @musicullum,

I’m sorry but I just create a project and create some songs with Shared Instruments.
I save the project, then I load the same project => Share instrument are lost :

We are looking into it right now.

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…and cannot reproduce it anymore so pls. check with the next version.