Shared layer losing volume info

shared layer does not save volume, on next startup volume is not set. Is also rather random?
see rhodes layer

see blade runner

I load the project
PS: I have loaded the project for testing on a pc without vst, but with the audio pc the same thing happens.
Apparently only the first part is saved with midichanel set to 1.

Not sure what you want to point out.

There is no such thing as a Shared Layer. Only the Instrument of a Layer can be shared.
The Instrument has an audio channel, so all Layers using this shared Instrument also share the same audio channel.

Each Layer always has its own MIDI controls such as volume, pan etc (the orange controls), regardless if it uses a shared Instrument or not.

So if you have 10 Layers all sharing the same Instrument, there is still only one audio channel which controls the instrument and thus, the audio volume of all Layers sharing that instrument. But MIDI Controls are seperate for each Layer nevertheless.

Hope that helps.

alles was du hier erklärst ist glasklar für mich. Audiofader ist für das gesamte plugin.
Midifader bezieht sich aber doch auf die internen parts des plugins, oder?
Wenn ich den midifader auf 70 einstelle , wird beim nächsten Start vom VL den fader wieder auf 0 gestellt. So dass ich nicht erkennen kann welche Lautstärke eingestellt ist.

everything you explain here is crystal clear to me. Audiofader is for the whole plugin.
But midifader refers to the internal parts of the plugin, right?
If I set the midifader to 70, the next time I start the VL, the fader is set to 0 again. So I can not see what volume is set.
Hier das plugin:

…are not accessible for the host (VST Live in this case).
We send MIDI.
You move a Layer MIDI fader, it sends MIDI to the Instrument. The plugin is a black box, we don’t know what it does with the MIDI data. Just as true as when you send that MIDI to an external device.

You save the project, load it again: it sends MIDI as saved to the Instrument.

I don’t understand your pictures at all, however. There is no MIDI set at all, it clearly shows “NOT SET” which means no MIDI is sent at all. This is default and there to prevent MIDI beeing sent when it is not supposed to.

Whatever you do in the Omnisphere has no influence on VST Live. You appear to expect that those faders are linked, they are not.

Finally, if you can provide an example, it would be good to use Halion Sonic SE (included with VST Live) instead. It can be set to “GM Mode” in “Options”, then we can use a common base for all.

In your prior post, the 2nd picture does not seem related to the first one, also the instrument is missing altogether. So pls decribe more detailed what you do, and what you are expecting to happen.

Thanks for your help.