Shared tool windows


In Wavelab 7, the shared tool windows, like vumeter, oscillator, etc… are only viewable if Wavelab is the active application and disapear as soon as any other application becomes active ; or they are viewable even when other applications are active BUT :astonished: always upon those other application and hide them…

So… My question is : is there a way to keep them viewable even when other applications are active but not always upon other apps to avoid to hide them ?

Thanks for any tip ! :confused:

It works here on Windows if the meters are set as “independent floating”, and “keep visible when switching to other applications”, which I guess you’ve tried. I have the meters outside the other app window, by reducing the size of the other app window, and the meters stay visible when switching to the other app and don’t have to be put away because they’re not on top of the other app. But maybe that’s not what you mean. Are you on Mac or Windows? Maybe if you took a screenshot.

Thanks for reply !

Yes ! That’s what I mean ! I do like you say : set as “independent floating”, and “keep visible when switching to other applications”, but the meters stay on top of all other apps !

I’m on windows 7 64bit. I’m not sure a screenshot would be very helpful : one would see meters on top of other apps even when moving other windows apps…
I don’t know how your system behaves like that ! :confused: I tried all possible combination and I only have 2 choices : meters disapears as soon as I select any other app or meters are always on top of other apps. :unamused:

I guess I’m confused about what you want it to do. You have disappears, and you have always on top. Those are the only two options I know of. The only way I know to have the meters always visible and not on top or behind the other app(s) is to resize the other app(s) smaller so they don’t fill the screen, then move the meters away from those app windows (leaving “keep visible” selected).

(or “show windows side by side”, “cascade”, etc, from right-click taskbar. something like that.)

Ok… We have the same behavior of those tools… A pity ! I’d like them to bahave like any other window.

Thanks anyway ! Now I know I can’t do in another way.