Sharing Cubase projects

If I want to share a cubase project with other user (both having same CB versions, 8.5). Should I just send the cpr file? Would that be sufficient? all Audio/midi/fx etc files would be included in the CPR file?


You need to share the audio files as well. The best way would be to use the Back up Project function in the File menu.

You also need to verify the other person has the same VST FX and instruments that you are using in the project. Cubase will protest with a dialog showing whats’ missing f you don’t include them, though.

Thanks Steve,
I used the backup function, in a new folder. I got 4 folders, and two files (cpr & csh) See attached…
I I understood correctly, I have to share all these, right?

The cpr.-file, the audio and edit folders should be enough, but to be sure - yes share all of these

Thank you. Smooth that way, but I used all files.