Sharing Dorico files?

I have Dorico Pro (latest). I have an 11 year old granddaughter who is learning trumpet. I had her mom sign her up/set her up to use the free version Dorico SE.

?1) Am I able to share my Dorico Pro files with her such that she can open them up and listen to the playback?
?2) Would I need to set my default playback template to SE before sharing or could she hear my HSSE_HSO (Pro)?
?3) Would my edited Engrave Mode modifications view correctly in her SE version?

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Yes, she should be fine to not only open the files but to edit them if she wishes. The only way the file would open as read-only is if you had more than the permitted number of players (2), or (I think) other Pro-only features like divisi.

If it’s more than two players, she can still open the file and listen to it.

Thanks Dan. We should be good. This is her first exposure to music and 2 players for her would be generous. She has a school issued book she is working from but does not have enough music knowledge to always know how the etudes are supposed to sound. I’ve been using my Dorico to allow her to hear the playback but until now I have just been sending her mp3 files. Now that she has SE, she can listen to my files directly Dorico. BTW, she is loving Dorico. She is excited to try her own compositions. She is a hoot of a granddaughter. I’m having a ball working with her.