Sharing Files 5 LE

Hi all,

In a recording project. Drummer has 5 LE and all the tracks on his PC. Tracks have been mixed and tweaked. I also have 5 LE and wondering the best way to download his projects and/or tracks to my PC. Both win 7 machines.


Dropbox is a 3rd party application and a great way to share files for projects. You can sign up for free on their site and they have different storage options available.

I do use Dropbox. Works great. The problem is exporting mixed files. Wondering how we capture the full project - similar to a backup file - and have my PC accept the project. Honestly, it’s been awhile since we tried it last but I recall my Cubase 5 le did not play nice with his projects created in his Cubase 5 le.

We will try it again but thought I’d ask those in the know what they do for transferring projects.

Usually I mixdown the tracks I want to share as .wav file(s). Then send those files. The receiver then imports the .wav audio files into a project on their machine. I usually send a file for each separate track and one complete project file mixdowned from the main stereo out.

I have also performed a mixdown to .mp3 and shared these too. It just depend on why I am sharing. For editing purposes it is .wav files. For listening purposes it is .mp3.

I never had any luck copying and sending an actual project .cpr file and all other project related files. For me, sharing like this never worked out because both computers need to be set up exactly the same for the project to open and work properly.

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Prock - Thx for the response. We’re trying to avoid the time to convert all files to wav files. Sounds like we may have to continue to do that. Very time consuming for sure.

Do you know if newer releases and/or full versions (not lite) address this? I’d think it’s a licensing issue not permitting .cpr files to be shared. Gotta be a way :slight_smile:

Hopefully someone else will chime in on this question… sharing a .cpr and the rest of the project files between computers.

I always thought I had no luck getting it to work because Cubase was set up slightly different on the 2nd computer. Maybe it was because of licensing issues? I don’t know. :frowning:

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There are no licensing issues, when sharing projects between different computers, given both use the same Cubase version. Just drag from one computer to the other.

Should we be able to download the project from computer A to a stick then upload from the stick to computer B? We tried this. Didn’t work.


Then you did something wrong.

We’ll make another effort soon. If there are any issues I’ll share them here. Thx all for the assistance!

The transfer/sharing of a project went well. Must have been an issue in the original attempt. Only issue now is playback as it’s choppy but I’d bet it’s my PC. There’s a lot of processing in this project like volume tracks, numerous applied effects. I have other projects that have upwards of 40 tracks w/o playback issues. Will play with it a bit…