Sharing files between desktop and iPad Dorico

Is there anyway to set things up so that one can work on the same file whether it be on the iPad or Mac . Without specifically exporting work done on the iPad to a shared location. I have iCloud and dropbox. iPad version only seems to save to local iPad folder.


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Not at the moment, no. We are planning to add “Open in Place” support to Dorico for iPad in due course, which will make this possible. I can’t say for sure when it will be done, but we’re looking into it.

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I wonder, how often Dorico saves the file automatically to this folder. In iOS there is no dedicated “save” command, so one is dependent on the internal configuration.

When I am working on a project in the iPad version, I so far made Exports to my iCloud folder, just to be protected from regular crashes I experience during cleaning up .xml imports. As an example: quite often this happened, when an xml file put figured bass numbers into fingerings. When filtering the Notes and trying to change the fingering in the property panel, Dorico mostly crashes. So I started to make these interim exports back to the iCloud folder.

It would be great if I could one day choose a particular folder on Dropbox as a default destination to save the work on the iPad like I do on my MacBook Pro. So there will be no confusion any more if this file is a duplicated copy saved on my iPad or original one which is available online…