Sharing my Orchestral Cubase Presets - with Expression Maps

Hey friends,

I’m not a poster! Fortunately, I don’t have many issues with Cubase. :slight_smile:
Therefore, I hope to help others with this post.

I’m sharing several orchestral presets I’ve created through the last decade.
I think they will be helpful to many users, especially those starting out.
You’ll need to own Cubase 12, VEPRO 7, and the sample libraries they were created “to.”

These presets have giant VST Expression Maps for several sample libraries and are already set up with VEPPRO 7, with organized outputs from VEPRO into Cubase.
They’re on my website:

I hope they will be helpful and that I’m allowed to post them here.
They help no one if people are not aware of them, so…