Sharing Steinberg Licenses?

can i share my Steinberg licenses with my wife in one household but on another computer?

Actually she has an Steinberg U22 interface connected to her computer and is using Cubase AI LE 12.
I have another computer with the UR44C and licenses for Cubase Pro 12 and many VST-Synths. :wink:

here’s what I could find via web search:

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You can use 1 Cubase 12 license on 3 different computers. Easy enough

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Thank you very much!
You’re right.
I can use the licenses on other computer.
That works with all Steinberg licensed soft’s.
Or i use the USB-Stick too.

But at same time?
I think no

it is 3 seats so yes - and - if you have Cubase 11 on a USB dongle you could use that too

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According to 2.3 of the EULA this is a Single User License. See also 2.8.

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Tanks to all for your help!