Sharing vstPreset files creation utilities

Hi, for some time now, I’ve been making utilities to help me translate presets of some plugins I own, to the vstPreset file format, which is used by the mediaBay, and also by Ableton Live browser.

All is good, I translate these presets with their own categorisation, characteristics etc, and I thought that it would be useful for others to share these utilities.

Do you by any chance happen to know whether sharing such utilities (for free) would lead to any legal issues?

Here’s why I’m concerned: Though for many VSTs out there, I see no conflict at all, there are some, that could potentially lead to trouble. For example, take Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol collector’s edition bundle. I successfully translated their presets to vstPresets for my personal use, however, I do know that their way of handling these presets is through their own NKS system, so I’m not 100% sure whether the process of reading their database and construct the corresponding vstPresets is actually legal. Same thing goes for Arturia’s V collection. They too have their own wrapper to work with their presets.

I’m thinking that since Cubase includes the functionality of saving to vstPreset file format, there shouldn’t be a case here, however it’s the automating of this process that makes me having second thoughts.

Any ideas on this one?


I don’t think this is an issue. We are many that automate preset making from VSTs to the Native Instrument KK format and post that on the NI user forum with NI’s blessing. Also, every DAW has to save the preset for recall.

What is a problem is of course if you share non-factory presets that you bought from a 3rd party. But we do not do that at the NI Forum, only factory presets that require the plugin license to work and comes with the plugin.

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