sheet music


To work with a score—the great musicians were fluent with scores

In Cubase 7, can you MAKE a score with acoustic instruments ??..vocals or bass for instance ?

Will these signals appear on printable score ? Cubase ??

According to specs, Cubase 7 is the big expert on this: the details of scoring—many more features

So, i’m asking if i can score anything…

…and then approach the song as a composer and computer writing down, and omitting notes, in the old school style



Not directly. Theoretically you could record single line melodic material and convert it to MIDI.



Years ago i saw a guy put notes/chords on a stave with just the mouse—and play back like a bizarre classical funk ???

That’s a lot of freedom with intervals your singing voice might guess at…that is to say you “play the picture” of it…and polyphony you might be thinking about but can’t quite hear, or sing ???

But to your point: How do you do that?
…convert audio to MIDI? What are the steps in brief ?..if you follow the theory ??

Thanks again Amigo


If you have the full version of Cubase, Variaudio comes with it which can do audio to midi for monophonic material. The details I do not know because I have Cubase Artist, but it should be covered in the manual. How well this works depends on the quality of the recording and on the timing of the material.
Midi to score is instant :sunglasses:

And yet not necessarily accurate… :laughing:

On the contrary, it is precisely accurate. :wink:

Only if the material is rhythmically simple and properly quantized.

You misunderstand my wink.

And as to the OP’s topic, if you read the section in the manual on Extracting MIDI you will get the idea. (page 366)

Do you already have Cubase?


No Cubase at all for me yet—but i will get the full version of Cubase 7.

I hear what you guys are saying and it makes sense…interpreting audio into VST, or digital—it must be fuzzy

Strophoid makes the point that it’s possible with Variaudio

Others say it’s no too accurate…and it only does monophic signals

What does Cubase work with? the digital…so the interface must deliver a “normal digital signal” for Cubase to apply
Variaudio to it…that’s obvious

Could this type of translation be something Steinberg should be working on…does the possibility of it interest you ?

I’d love to play my bass through the system an drive a VST or two, then mix with the bass…that’s gotta be cool

Can i work one of those bass-monster VSTs with my bass? real time?



I was kidding around with Papi61 regarding it being too accurate.

The way Cubase deals with translating midi data into Score (sheet music) data is not liked by all. If you play something in on a midi keyboard, or use the Audio to Midi function you will have to massage the Score to make it look good. And there is a learning curve. But you can get really good results. I do lead sheets and charts for small ensembles.

You really should download the Cubase trial version, you get the manual and the full program and you can play with it for a month. That will help you understand what it does exactly.

Here’s to hoping the guys Steinberg hired from Sibelius will make the score editor into something great.

That’s what we’re all hoping… :wink: