Shift+alt+x wants to quit Dorico


For some reason when I use the Windows shortcut Alt+Shift+X to create system text it wants to close Dorico instead. The shortcut in Preferences - Key commands for creating default system text is correct and I am using a streamdeck which has the same result when I press the system text key on the text page. The Alt+Shift+X shortcut used to work until last week.

Do I need to re-set shortcuts or is there another solution?


Carl Hinde

It sounds as if another application on your computer is intercepting that shortcut combination. Have you installed any other applications, utilities or driver updates in the past few days?

Thanks for your reply

I’ve installed a few plugins for photoshop. Can the shortcuts be reset to default?

Carl Hinde

Unfortunately you can’t do anything in Dorico if another application or utility on your computer has hijacked the Shift+Alt+X shortcut. You’ll need to identify that application somehow. I would start by looking at the things that are started up on your computer when it starts up, and look for anything new or unfamiliar in there.