shift click select elements

I’ve been wondering about this for ages:
Why can’t i shift click select a range of elements(parts) of a track in the project window?
Shift click works for nearly everything else (tracks, files, markers, channels etc.) but not if i wanna select a continuous range of elements, why?
And i find using the range tool for this, is no option especially not when you want to select a large range and not as convenient.
So what’s the catch, why did Cubase choose to not have this way of selecting a range of elements, or is there a preference that i overlooked?

I got in the habit of Shift-Right Arrow to get around this.

Yep, that’s a workaround too.
However as a regular windows user (some prefer windows :blush: ) i’m used to selecting ranges this way and i just can’t think of a reason why they left it out…

Hi, I know this is a 2011 post… but this is exactly what I’m looking for.
Shift+Click seems to be the same as Ctrl+Click. Why not have Shift+Click select events between two events?
Anybody got any thoughts/discoveries/development(s) on this topic since 2011?