Shift-Click to select serial inputs

It used to be that one could shift-click and select input on one of several selected audio tracks, and all the tracks would have serial inputs. Like this:

However, this disappeared, probably in 10.5. Is this back in 11?

Ironically enough, it didn’t work for him in that video either and I’m guessing he just assumed it did.

Honestly, I never noticed this was broken because I always use template projects that are already set up, but, I’m surprised more people haven’t complained about this. I’m guessing it became broken when QLink function was brought in because QLink depends on Alt and Alt-Shift modifiers.

I would report this in Issues.


It works for me here in Cubase 11.0.0. on macOS.

Are you sure it’s doing 1-16?

I can only get assigning them all as the same input to work, but not successive 1-16.

Nevermind, I got it to work. Weird.

Possible an intermittent problem?


I think I figured out what faltered my test, I added 16 stereo tracks by accident for the test. It only works on mono tracks.

Yes, you are correct! It works when using only mono-tracks. Thanks!