Shift+i crashing

Typing “=” into the shift+i popover immediately makes D4 hang then crash. I noticed this after mistyping “+8” without holding shift. Windows 11. Anyone else?

edit: maybe save your work before trying. Sorry @lafin!

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I wish I didn’t try that on my mac. Same thing.

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Thanks. I didn’t lose anything. I just experimented on a saved file. It was just a nuisance. Even after force quitting Dorico I had to reboot to get sound back. Strange!

In that case, you don’t need to reboot. Just find and quit the VST engine.

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Good to know. Thanks.
That’s a fairly catastrophic slip of a finger. I never use the interval/transpose popover and will certainly be careful if I ever do use it.

If this is a reproducible bug, I’m sure the team will fix it!

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Thanks for reporting this. I can indeed reproduce it. The parsing code for the popover isn’t expecting you to only type the separator that’s used to specify pitch mappings, and it’s getting into an infinite loop trying to work out which pitches you’re trying to map. We’ll make sure this gets fixed.