Shift indication

Does the _Indicate shift to next note in the Fingering and Positions group._work only on bowed strings? It does not appear to work for the guitar - is that correct? I did do a search, and from what I could gather, this is the case. If so, any plans to implement it in the future? We do use this a lot.

I realize I can insert a glass., but this seems like a real time-saver.

As always, thanks in advance.

Guitar fingering is not yet completely (if at all) implemented as a separate feature. You/we are still dealing with work-arounds in this fingering specialty.

Thank you! I just wanted to make certain I wasn’t missing something. Yes, we/I can work around this.

Appreciate the confirmation.

Yes, the fingering shift lines that are present in Dorico 2 are only for bowed string instruments, but the next major version of Dorico will include complete support for fingering shift lines for guitar, as well as much expanded support for guitar fingering more generally.

Daniel - good to know!