Shift notes back a quarter beat?

I’m on Dorico 2.2 and wonder if there’s a simple way to shift all notes back a quarter note beat. That is, if I have two quarter rests across all staves followed by a bunch of notes, is there a way to delete the 2nd rest so that all music to the right of it would shift back? Of course, I could cut all music to the right and paste it over the 2nd quarter rest, but wonder if there’s a simpler way?

Very simple and elegant. Press “I" (or select insert mode), then select one of the quarter rests and delete it. Everything to the right (on that staff only) will be moved one beat to the left.

Insert mode is a wonderful time saver. If you delete something, it pulls everything back by that amount; add something and it pushes everything ahead. It’s a great way to fix mistakes.

BUT: Don’t forget to deselect Insert Mode immediately when you’re done. Otherwise, you can really screw up a score if you do a bunch of work and don’t realize you’re still in Insert Mode!

You could also select the first note, then Select to End of Flow (which I have mapped as a custom command since I use it often), and Alt-Left arrow to move everything to the left.

I prefer this method since it doesn’t require insert mode.

Edit: fixed the error

Dan, that’s not quite right: shift-Alt-arrow increases the duration. You can move the selection by the grid value just by Alt-Left or Right arrow.

Using Insert mode is the way to do this for just one staff, but if you want to do it for ALL staves in the score it’s quicker to use the system track.

Hold down ALT to show the rhythmic grid divisions on the system track, select the beat you want to delete, click the trash-can icon.

If you don’t hold down ALT, the system track only works on complete bars.

Note, in the current version of Dorico displaying the system track can slow down things like note entry, so switch it off with View / System Track, or Alt-T, when you don’t need it.

Arg, duh. Thanks, fixed.

Wow, the system track is indeed a fast way to do this for all staves, a real time saver. Thanks for the info!

If you want to delete a certain rhythmic unit in all parts, there is now a much better way, actually! It’s new since 2.2.

Shift-B, and enter “-1/4” to remove a quarter-note value. This is pretty much the only thing I used the system track for previously, but it can now be done without using it. You enter the positive or negative numbers just as you would for the meter popover.

Also, just to make sure others are aware: you can now insert bars or other rhythmic values either before OR after a mater change. Either select the meter change and Shift-B to add units before the change, or select the first item and Shift-B to add units after the change.