Shift-P popover behaviour

If I double-click a playing-technique in order to edit it, it creates an additional one. Why?

The Playing Technique popover adds rather than replaces in order that, for instance, you may have the word “arco” and the upbow symbol attached at the same rhythmic position.

Yeah I still don’t think it’s “intuitive” behavior though. If I want two PTs, I’m going to select the note again and add another one. If I want to edit the PT, I should double-click and edit it.


That seems counterintuitive. To add an extra technique I would select the note and then shift-P. Opening something that is already there is usually a cue for editing. No?

I’m afraid I’m sufficiently well-versed in Dorico that I’ve lost track of what’s “intuitive”. I just save myself the keystrokes and enter two Playing Techniques in one go.

I do know that the Ornaments popover works the same way, and the Dynamics popover sometimes works the same way, and the Repeats popover works the same way, etc.

What does your mind think when you double click pizz on your score and the popover opens to show you a highlighted pizz? If you type something, will it usually replace what’s there, or add to it?

You are indeed well-versed (and so often I thank you for that). But dare I suggest you have become indoctrinated?

I simply wouldn’t double click on the pizz in the first place, nor would I select it and type Enter. It really is that simple.

So how would you ‘change’ it?

I’d delete it and add another one. On deletion the selection reverts to the note, and then it’s just a case of typing Shift-P whatever.
(But honestly, I can’t remember the last time I deleted a playing technique in order to replace it with a different playing technique. This is something that is pretty much irrelevant in my day-to-day workflow.)

I refer to my earlier post… indoctrinated. Most softwares (Office suites, CAD programs, Project management, even DAWs follow the convention: click once to select, click twice to edit.)

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In scenarios where I actively dislike Dorico’s behaviour, I say so, sometimes publicly. This is something that doesn’t bother me, so I’m not going to have my arm twisted into moaning about it.

I mean, basically you lost me at double-click. I can’t remember the last-time I double-clicked anything in Dorico!

My error. I forgot, you are a Mac user.

Irrelevant. I have a four-button vertical mouse here.
I don’t double-click because
a) Enter puts my right hand in the correct place to type (which is generally the next thing I’m going to do)
b) if I’m remotely zoomed out then double-clicking is often likely to edit a different thing than the thing that was already selected, whereas Enter will always edit the thing that’s currently selected. I’m not sure whether there’s something for Dorico’s developers to improve, there.

I agree that double clicking should cause an edit of the highlighted item. It’s not intuitive at all that doing so would ADD something new.

By the way double clicking on divisi sign posts works intuitively.

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Never had to do so… yet. But good to know. Thanks

I am happy to leave it to the developers to decide.

Double clicking dynamics used to have the same effect than Playing techniques. The team modified that behavior. I would really be surprised if they don’t change the behavior on PT as well, in order to keep the UI consistent.

But I don’t think there’s any rush there, I’d rather have them implement things that are not there yet :sweat_smile: (playback for fermatas, cut away scores, instrument editor, ties and slurs in second-time repeats, missing ornaments playback or an ornaments playback editor — even better!, etc)

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