Shift + Q for chord symbol entry doesn't work

As the title says, if I highlight a note and press Shift+Q, nothing happens. I’m on version 1.1.10 on Win10 x64. Am I missing something obvious? Or is it perhaps because my keyboard layout is English/United States - International?

You have to be in note entry mode, with the orange caret cursor showing.

Just “selecting a note” and pressing Q won’t work. AFAIK it should work fine with variety of US or UK English keyboard. I keep accidentally switching my UK keyboard into USA mode with the special characters in different places, but the letters don’t move!

I think he means chord symbols (shift-q), not chord entry (q).

Exactly. And for the record, it works neither in note entry mode nor with the arrow tool/selection.

Does Write > create chord symbol work?

If you have edited your key commands prior to 1.1, you may have to reset them or add some manually.

At the moment if you have edited any key commands before installing the update you won’t have the new key commands like Shift + Q.
Go to Edit > Preferences on Windows, Dorico > Preferences on Mac and in the Key Commands section use the Reset Key Commands button.

We aim to change this in the future so that you can keep any edits you have made and also get new shortcuts from updates.

It works now. Thanks, John.