Shift/rotate notes inside midi part

Just wondered if there is an easier way than splitting and gluing.
Here is what I would like to happen: Say you have a four bar midi part but you want to shift all the notes one bar forward in time i.e. bar1 becomes bar2; bar2>bar3, bar3>bar4 AND notes in bar4 then become notes in bar1. It is like a rotation. Never had to do it before and I cannot find a quick way of doing it through any number of bars [or beats]. Splitting and gluing is ok if long-winded, especially if I am trying to listen to it against the rest of the song.
Scoured the manual and the menus.
Any ideas anyone?
many thanks in anticipation


I’m sorry, I don’t think there is faster way then split, move and glue again.

But the OP only needs one split and glue (it sorta sounded like they might be splitting at each bar). Split the Part at the start of bar 4, then move bar 4 out of the way, drag bars 1-3 forward one bar & put 4 at the start.

Cut the 4-bar region at bar 4. So you have one 3 bar region and one 1 bar region. Then change the snap type from Grid to Shuffle and drag the last region to the front of the first region and they will swap or “rotate”.

Did not know about that, thanks

Ya it’s great, just like shuffle edit in Pro Tools.

Thanks for your input guys. I’ll give the shuffle a try.
Don’t know if I am making myself clear and whether this is even possible (maybe with logical editor):
I am experimenting with techno and it seems it would be really useful if, given a melody/rhythm part that this could be done by repeated mouse clicks or button presses - advance all the notes in the part by a beat - those notes that would end up outide of the end of the part instead go round and come back in at bar 1.
Does that make sense?

Probably a better way to describe it:
Given the midi part with bars or beats abcdefgh
One click gives you habcdefg
Another click ghabcdef
Its a really good way of lining up and fooling around with techno rhythms and sequences. Can it be done without splitting and gluing?
Cheers again

So you can’t do this with a key command, but you can do it with midi notes and your mouse using shuffle edit.

I don’t know how to upload Gif’s

In the Key Editor this can be done with the LE and Macros. But you have to be familiar with all that’s available in terms of parameters, commands and prefs. My suggestion to you would be to spend some hours playing with the Logical Editor presets that come with Cubase, in a sequence of yours, and also spend some time grazing through the Key Commands dialog box. That might give you some ideas.

It’ll end up being something like:
Select all the notes involved
loop to selection
nudge notes
Select in loop
invert selection <-- that’s the one you pay for :wink:
selection to locator.

Thanks jcbfoos for the video -that’s pretty close to what I want.
Thanks Steve - yes to accomplish it I guess I would have to spend a couple of hours with LE and do some technical experiments, ahem , we’ll see how that goes :confused: