Shifting midi events by measures and ticks?

I have not been able to find an easy way to select midi events and simply shift them by measures and ticks (not cutting/pasting). Does this function exist in Cubase?

Look up Nudge in the Key Commands.

Thanks for the tip Steve. Yes, the nudge function helped. I had hoped to be able to custom select how many measures I want to nudge/shift midi notes. Sometimes I want to quickly move selected midi notes by 8, 16, or 32 measures.

For this you would create a Logical Editor preset to add the right number of beats to the notes’ Position. Once saved it will be available in the Key Commands dialog. Easy-Peasy. :wink:

Steve. I have tried to create a preset to move an event by 1 measure, or 4 beats, but to no avail. The Logical Editor is too complex, and so is the manual for this function. How would you go about creating such a command in the editor? Thanks.

Try this:

upper pane:

Property | is set | event is selected | (empty) | (empty)  |

Lower pane:

Position | Add | | PPQ  |

Steve. I tried that setting, but it didn’t work. When I inputted and hit enter, it rounded it to It only allows for whole numbers, but even then, when I tried to move the selected event by whatever number I was able to insert, nothing happened. All other fields are set exactly as you instructed. I triple checked. There’s an option at the bottom that is set to “transform”. Can that have something to do with this?

It is rounding to the time signature at the cursor location. so = 4 beats.

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