ShiftQ popover diminished chord

Hi All, I’ve tried all of the variants (dim, diminished, o), but the popover keeps substituting m7b5. I beg to differ. Circle with a slash is m7b5. Circle alone is with a diminished 7. I finally played it on my keyboard and ShiftQ calls the chord dim7. While that’s not incorrect, it’s unusual and tough to read. Any guidance on how I can get the circle to show with a fully diminished chord (C-Eb-Gb-Bbb)?

Joe, it’s a Chord Symbols setting in Engraving Options.

Thanks! I found it there, and I just came to say. Thanks! Do I have to set them every time, or is there a cool way to make them stick?

Yes, you can save your settings as defaults using the button in the lower left corner of Engraving Options. Indeed, the ability to save your settings as defaults is one of the joys of Dorico!

Thanks Dan and Mike! Most all of Dorico is a joy. Sometimes, it’s just a little hard to find something.