Shipping, holidays, and covid

Hi gang, Since Steinberg is having a sale I would like to upgrade to Artist 11. I would have to wait for them to ship the elicenser before I can install it. What is everyone’s experience with shipping times on those in recent months? Is there a huge delay with overseas shipping with covid junk? Or is there a place in the US I can get the elicenser and then download Artist? I checked the normal music sites and didn’t see anything available. Thanks!

Guitar Center and Sweetwater usually have them in stock, you can also buy one on Amazon, ebay etc…

You are correct. I couldn’t find it before.

You don’t have to buy any elicenser dongle if you are willing to wait a few months…
It won’t be needed on CB12 early next year.

But you can (should) still take benefit of the current sale on CB11 since it will include a free update to CB12 when released.

I don’t think Cubase 12’s release date has been specified that accurately. Dorico 4 will be released early next year, with Cubase sometime later.

The upside of buying a dongle and activating now is retaining a not-for-sale copy of Cubase 11 which you can use with the dongle even after updating to 12. And being able to use it now, instead of sometime next year.

yeah i wanted to get artist now while it is on sale and then i can upgrade to 12 for free sometime next year. i did find a dongle on guitar center and it is on the way. thanks for the help everyone!

I’m already looking forward to Christmas, but I understand that on holidays it takes much longer for all the goods to be delivered. You really need to buy now.