Shoei X-Eleven - Why you should buy this motorcycle helmet

When we talk about motorcycle helmets, the name we usually hear the most is probably Shoei. This motorcycle helmet manufacturer has been existing for over 40 years. During that time, Shoei has produced tons of motorcycle helmet models. Among the various helmets, the X-Eleven brightens as a high-quality helmet and works very well to protect the wearer. This article is in reference to HelmetsZone - A motorcycle helmet blog.

To complete its product lines, the manufacturer asked for feedback from the most popular Moto GP riders like Chris Vermeulen. Therefore, if there is any characteristic that is not perfect yet, they will work and perfect it. For instance, Shoei has developed its ventilation system and aerodynamic to a high-end level.

The ventilation system is the one that keeps your head from being heated in the hot season. Poor ventilation and none ventilation helmets will lead to your head being boiled inside. However, with the X-eleven, you will not feel any hot because its ventilation is top rated. The helmet has 5 vents one is in the mouth area, one is high on the front of the helmet, one is at the top edge of the visor, and the other two vents are placed on the back of the helmet.

The benefit of helmet vents is not only to keep the air fresh but also to prevent the visors from fogging up on the inside. The five vents are pretty more than a usual helmet. Some riders are afraid they are gonna cause a lot of wind noise. Yes, they do create the noise but not that much. You will feel just a little noise when you ride fast. Still, the X-Eleven is not a loud motorcycle helmet.

We next look at this helmet from the outside. I interviewed some riders who own this lid why they bought this helmet, and they all said they were attracted by the look of the lid. Obviously, the look of a lid is one of a decisive factor to make your choice. The X-Eleven is available in various paint schemes including original paint schemes, solid colors, and some replicas. Riders can freely choose whatever color they find suitable for their style and preference.

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The paint job of Shoei is really brilliant, not only the X-Eleven but also all the Shoei motorcycle helmets are painted well. The outer shell is partially painted by hand so that is why many riders said that the varnish and colors of the helmet remain relatively new after heavy uses.

The X-Eleven is also known for its comfort and fit. You will easily find one that easily fits your head for the first time you try it on. Some of you may disagree with my idea that a helmet can fit multiple head shapes, but this X-Eleven actually can do that thanks to the padded mesh inner liner which is texture and firm to keep the helmet securely in place without creating any discomfort to the wearer.

Considering buying a good visor is one of the steps to buy a good helmet. The face shield of the X-Eleven is revolutionary and easy-to-use so that the riders can operate it right away without looking at the instructions, you will not need to spend hours just to figure out how to change the visor and how to use it.

So this is some information about the X-Eleven Shoei. If you are thinking of getting a new motorcycle helmet, why don’t you give this lid a try? It is not difficult to find this model on the market today, you can buy it online or find it at departmental stores near where you live. The price of this lid can be a bit higher than other models, but you see the quality matches the price. With the Shoei X-Eleven, you have no worries when you ride.

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