Shopping for new 88 keyboard with midi control, oxygen88?

Wondering if anyone uses and likes the m-audio oxygen 88? Arturia has an 88 keypad coming this summer that looks like it might be a good general purpose controller. I have the akai mpk 88, love everything except it’s not good for piano writing, playing.

don’t know the m-audio oxygen 88.
But for pianoplay the Alesis Q88 can be left of the list imo.
It has reasonable play but it is very difficult to generate a logic result overall.
Velocity does not “feel” the same way for every key.

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if you want true piano action you have to spend a good deal more than the ones mentioned. Yamaha for example

Yeah, I see them, like the cp4 , However I don’t need quite that perfect, but cheap won’t fly either, I do some piano work on scores but that’s not my focus musically so really need a hammer action that also plays well for synth work…thanks for the note

MM8 $899 can be had for around $800
yeah CP and S90 are really nice but pricey

what is the mm8?

This is what I would purchase, if I only had the space …

thank you, I am also looking at this which allows for room for iPad, qwerty key board and a controller

88 key devices can be big, heavy mothers, especially if using weighted keys.

I used to have a M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 that weighed a tonne, and occupied a whole desk by itself. It was a real pain when I had to partially disassemble it to fix up a wonky key, as I had to turn it upside down.

Glad I eventually got rid of it.

How was the action on it?

Given that I only got it as a possible way of putting in MIDI if I ever got round to learning it, any answer I give may be about as relevant as asking a blind person what shade of red traffic lights have!

Notwithstanding that caveat, physically, it seemed a bit clunky, like the weight was pivoting too close to the hands, which it is of course, compared to a real piano, and trigger-wise, it was not even, though I vaguely remember the velocity curve could be changed. It was rated ‘semi-weighted’. Given that I didn’t really get past first base with it, I didn’t get to investigate its finer ‘features’.

Basically, it was probably the biggest doorstop I will ever have, but that was nothing to do with it, per se!