Short Crescendo


Never have a tune came easier to me, I “programmed” the bass guitar, duplicated the Midi Information to some other synthesizers and the ground was made … Added some voice from my Steinberg “Arabic voices” again added a guitar solo and was done …

So the tune is called SHORT CRECENDO enjoy … Had a lot of fun making this, hope it shown through the song - and as always comments are appreciated :smiley:


Yes, the fun comes through! Guitar sounds great as usual.

Love the guitar sound (and the part too for sure). What did you record it with?

Hi Raino,

Thanks :slight_smile: - Recording equipment, Guitar plugget directly into the UR28M, and cubases Guitar Amplifier plugin, and some EQ :slight_smile: (And reverb & Delay) if I understood the question right :slight_smile:


Indeed you did. All in the box- sounds great

Hi Early21,

Forgot to thank you … Truly sorry about that :slight_smile: … Thank you :smiley: