Short crossfades - Cubase is making the crossfades super huge... how to stop this?

I’m doing some micro-edits and I want to apply some very short crossfades… but every time I click “X” to crossfade, Cubase creates a huge crossfade that’s like half a measure long… but I need these crossfades to be extremely short. It’s driving me crazy!! The crossfades are so far out I have to rezoom and then I’ve lost my initial position where the two audio events come together… I have to find that again too!! Ugh… way too much time searching and scrolling all over the place…

Is there some way to cause Cubase to user smaller crossfades? I don’t understand why it’s making a full second crossfade for something that should only be like 100ms.


At the risk of stating the obvious, have you tried altering the crossfade length?

And then save the shorter one as default preset

Cool thanks guys!