Short key for "remove silence"?

I recently discovered ctrl+shift+e for “Insert silence”, and this made my life in cubase easier.
But how do I do it the other way around?



By default, the Ctrl+Shift+E Key Command is assigned to the Insert Silence. Do you mean this function? If yes, this function is available from the Project menu > Range > Insert Silence.

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If there isn’t a KC for that, one way would be to use detect silence and then with the resulting audio events remove the gaps where the silence occurs, there are KC, s for both those I think so one could make a little macro.

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Thanks for answering.

Martin.Jirsak: I meant the opposite of “insert silence”: “remove silence”. That is when I have inserted more “silence” than needed, instead of marking sometimes nearly my whole project and then dragging it back, I would like an easy way to just remove the silent part. I don’t think I can explain it better, sorry.

I will try Dave’s tip, though I have never created macros before :slight_smile:

Probably, you should use Cut Time or Delete Time for that.


I’m sorry, there is no “Remove Silence” function in Cubase. And the Key Command, you was reffering to, is assigned to the “Insert Silence”, so I was confused.

As StevenInChicago said, you are probably looking for the “Cut Time” or “Delete Time” function. Set the Range via Left and Right Locator. Use this function. The time will be deleted and all events behind the Right Locator will be shifted to the left. Is this what you are looking for?

Hi - to be more precise: THe function “detect silence” actually also can delete silent pieces of an Event and create regions from the non-silent part.

This is of course not the “inverse” function of “insert time” because it does not bring the non-silent parts closer to each other.

Maybe the original poster Needs something like “detect silence” and then afterwards “delete time” or so.

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“Delete time” is what I’m looking for, shift+backspace, will as said by you guys remove space between locators and pull back the rest of the project just as I wanted :slight_smile:

Thank you all!