Short slurs = curved slurs

I haven’t cross-checked with any publications, but for me it would be nice if slurs of rather short length wouldn’t try to be flat, although the engrave mode set slurs as flat.
I feel like flat slurs serve the purpose of less vertical space used over long slur durations (that’s why I want to use them), but look goofy when so short.

See screenshots:




We could, I suppose, add further options for the minimum length for a flat slur, but it’s not too much trouble to override the curvature type via Properties in the meantime, I think?

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It surely isn’t, thanks for considering!

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Actually, yesterday I tried to change 12 slurs at once in my project and Dorico took 12-13 min to complete the task.
I have a lot of problems with performance in this 12 min piece, would it be ok if I sent it to you over in the next days?

Of course. Please be specific about the particular edits that you find to be slow.

The issue would be less problematic for me, if flat slurs would follow the Engraving options for slur positioning, especially collision.
Here I am just changing the Slur-Type in Properties panel. Flat slurs do not cross accidentals and I don’t see any option in engraving options to do so.