Short "tie"

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Please tell me how to write a short “tie” in the part of the arrow.

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I think you might be wanting what is known as a Laissez vibrer tie (L.V. tie). You can add one to a note by selecting the note, opening the Properties panel and clicking on Laissez vibrer tie. You can edit the length of the tie in Engrave mode - move its right-hand edit handle by dragging or using alt-right arrow.

L.V. tie


excuse me.

If you add the L.V. tie, you can also drag any of its edit handles (in Engrave mode) to move and/or re-shape the tie to how you want it.

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thank you.
Is it impossible with “Dorico SE 4”?

Creating the L.V. tie is possible in Dorico SE, but editing it is not because Dorico SE does not have Engrave mode.

Here’s the file I used to create the examples I posted. You should be able to open it and copy/paste the notes into your own document, but you won’t be able to edit the L.V. tie.

LV tie.dorico (944.8 KB)

Thank you for your kindness.

Glad to help!

If you have any future queries, it will be helpful to those forum members who are willing to assist you if you mention at the start that you are using Dorico SE. That will make it easier for them to assess whether something is possible or not, as SE lacks some of the features that are in the paid versions (Elements and Pro).

A very belated PS:

Welcome to the Dorico forum!

Maybe it is just me, but I don’t understand why you want to put a pirate face on your music, unless this is a score for “Barnacle Bill, the Sailor”

Arrrr! I’ll make ye bilge rats and yer fancy musical scores walk the plank, I will.



Now that you mention it, I see it.
It’s a bit like the mention of the arrow in the FedEx logo in another thread recently. Once it is pointed out to you, you can’t un-see it!

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Here’s another thread where someone shared a file that contains custom playing techniques that you can “star” to save to your library: