Shortcut Alt + Space for every Window


currently in Dorico 4 not all opening child windows can be moved with the shortcut Alt+Space. An incomplete list for this:

  • possible: parent - hub, main window; child - layout options, mixer, transport, expression maps, percussion maps
  • Impossible: Project Info, Transpose, Notation, Library Manager, Play Instructions, Playback Play Instructions, Repeatable Symbols, Lines, Line Centre Pieces, Line Elements, Note Headers, Music Symbols, Chord Diagrams, Chord Symbols, Character Styles, Paragraph Styles, Font Styles, Notation, Manage Instrument Filters, Add Notes Above or Below, Transform Subwindows

It would be great if all the windows that can open could be moved with the shortcut. This would be especially helpful when the windows open on another screen that is in standby mode.

Background: I use three screens. But I often use only one or two of them, while the others are each on standby. Dorico cannot tell which screen is in use and often opens windows on screens that are not on. It is a bit inconvenient to always turn on the screen on which the transpose window opens, for example, and then drag it to the screen that is currently in use. But I can move windows like the layout window with the shortcut even if the screen in question is black.

I searched the forum for my keywords, but I couldn’t find any discussion on this topic. I am using the German version of Dorico, so some translations may be wrong.

Thanks in advance

We don’t show the system menu in standard, modal dialogs, so they are not possible to move using the Alt+Space shortcut. Although I understand the inconvenience of being unable to move dialogs with the keyboard when the display is turned off, I’m not sure we want to add the system menu to all of our dialogs. I’ll discuss with the team what the implications of this might be.

Thank you very much. If you decide against it: would it be possible to implement that Dorico recognises which screen is being used, so that non-movable windows open on the screen currently in use?

Also, is there any other way to move the dialogues besides using the mouse pointer?

I don’t know whether we can tell whether a display that is not currently switched on but which is known to your computer is or is not available, but I will ask.

And no, I don’t know of any way to move dialogs except by clicking on them and dragging them, I’m afraid.

You could I suppose delete the registry key that contains all of the saved dialog sizes and positions before you run Dorico, which will cause all of the dialogs to appear in their default positions and sizes, which should (I hope) mean that they all appear on your primary display.

I would very much like to try that. Where can I find the registry key?

Would it perhaps also be an idea to enable dialogues to always open above the main window as an option? Because the main window would always be on the screen you are currently using, right?

The registry key is found here:


We could conceivably add an option to prevent Dorico from saving and restoring dialog positions, but I’m not in favour of adding more and more options for the sake of it. Your case seems quite a special one, so I’m not sure it’s a good idea for us to add more options to maintain, test, document etc. for this specific situation.