Shortcut (Cmd+8) for show lower zone missing

Suddenly Cmp+8 does not work for showing/hiding the lower zone in write mode.

In Settings/Key Commands there is a setting for Show Lower Zone - False and True.
If I try to set one of them I get a messages saying it is already assigned to Show Lower Zone?

I ignored the message and got it to work in Play and Engrave mode, but not in Write mode?
When I removed the shortcut, it stopped working in Play and Engrave mode as well.

If I check the other Show Zone key commands they are empty as well. Are these hidden key commands some how? System key commands can not be changed?

Welcome to the forum, Eirik.

It sounds as though you may have inadvertently set Cmd-8 to do something else in Write mode, and until you remove that key assignment it won’t work for Showing/Hiding the lower zone.

If you can’t find the problematic custom key command yourself, you could zip up and upload keycommands_en.json (the last two letters will be something other than en if you’re using a non-English keyboard layout) found at /Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 4/

That way someone here can figure out where the conflict lies.

Yes, I see that Write is blinking when I press Cmd+8 and I see that I have set Cmd+Num1 to Cmd+Num8 to change the Rhythmic grid values.

  1. It doesn’t seem like Dorico differentiates between Num8 and 8.
  2. I remove the mapping for Rhythmic Grid Whole Note, and it works, but the menu (as pictured above) still does not say Cmd+8.

Anyways: Here it is :slight_smile: (1.4 KB)

Here you go, Eirik. Replace the JSON file with the one in the attached zip file, and you’ll be all set. (1.8 KB)

Wow! So, you’re a magician! Thank you, very much!

Downloaded Sublime Text and opened the file and understood zilch! :slight_smile: :laughing: