Shortcut/feature request

Just updated cubase to 8 and here are a few things that could improve the workflow, imo :

  • a shortcut to show/hide the dockable mediabay/vsti rack. [SOLVED : it’s already here with alt+t - never thought steinberg can implement a feature that fast !?! :smiley: ]
  • an option in the render in place dialog box to deactivate the rendered track, once it’s converted to audio.
  • with the mediabay opended and docked on the right and a folder of your choice selected, why, when you drag and drop a audio file from the arranger view, is it ALWAYS saved in this fu**in defaut path C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Audio Files, instead of the specified folder ??
    By the way, the windows handling is really strange on W7 64 (where is the minimize button ?)

Will dig this but will probably stay a bit more on 7.5…