Shortcut for changing all accidentals to sharps or flats

I know this has been mentioned elsewhere here, but just wanted to add my voice to the request for a quick shortcut for changing all notes in a passage to either sharps or flats. When I import midi files they’re all whacky and while you can change them individually, it takes foreeeeeever. Thanks!

Are you aware that you can select all, then filter all sharp notes (or all flat notes), then respell all of them at once using the shortcut?

It’s not quite as streamlined as ONE shortcut, but it’s really not far off.

I was not aware of that pianoleo, I know how to select all of course and I know how to use the shortcut, but how are you filtering by sharp or flat notes? Thx for the tip!

Edit > Filter > All Sharp Notes, or Edit > Filter > All Flat Notes.

And you can assign a shortcut for the filter too.

Got it guys, perfect. Thanks so much!