Shortcut for Changing Note Value Dynamically + Sepia Mode

Dear Daniel
I just updated from Dorico 2 to Dorico 3. I had previously watched all the new videos on YouTube. There is this new feature for tablature where the set note duration (when inputting) is changed one step at a time with a key command, because the number row is already used otherwise.
I thought to myself this might actually be a very useful feature also for normal note input, because more often than not I change to the next adjacent note value. I looked into the preferences and tried changing some values in the key commands section, but could not get it to work for normal note input. This feature would be especially useful for me when I work away from my MIDI-keyboard with my Logitech G600 mouse where I could put the new key commands right at its thumb-number-pad. It would be great if you could add the possibility to set this key command in the next maintainance update under “note input” to jump between adjacent note values and in addition also another one to skip one note value, or in other words more simply put one to double / halve the currently set note value and in addition one to quadruple / quarter the currently set note value. This way I could easily and moreso logically switch between the values without having to think about the static note value position itself (on my G600), but rather in a dynamic flowing way (longer / shorter). I think this could be a very handy feature for me to enhance my workflow.

I noticed that you tweaked the design of the interface a bit which is a welcoming change. I especially like the dark background in the preferences window which is less straining to the eyes. However I find the contrast between the white sheet music pages and the rest of the interface a bit straining especially when working for long periods (at night). Obviously some sort of global dark mode would look too obscure for sheet music, so my idea is to introduce a “Sepia Mode” where one could adjust the intensity of the hue with some sort of slider in the preferences. The hue would only affect the white part of the pages sort of like when looking at old parchment, but obviously without any stains.

I hope these two little things are technically easy to implement.
Kind regards

Thanks for your feedback, Richard. I’ve made a note of your request concerning the next/previous duration commands, and we’ll see about it. As for customising the colour of the music “paper”, this is on our backlog but I can’t say for sure when we’ll get to it.

I use f.lux to yellow the entire screen. It has plenty of options to reduce the contrast.