Shortcut for " Edit Instrument Channel Settings"

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i can’t find the command or the shortcut or maybe making a macro for it. So that i can access my
“Instrument Channel Seettings”.
I have the CMC’s and i want to assign the “Shift-e” - button to it, but i just can’t find the command.
Everytime i assign an VSTi to a Midi-channel and press the “e-button” , i get the MIDI Channel Settings. But i don’t want these settings!
Cubase 01.jpg

Cubase 02.jpg
this is what i want to see

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Nothing is broken here. It’s the way Cubase handle midi vs synth track. Its kind of bad implementation though.

If you select a midi track connect to synth “e” edit and open the midi specifications of the midi track.

If you are on selected audio-synth track “e” edit and open normal settings you want to edit example EQ, inserts etc.

Steinberg should program Cubase so “e” open always the linked synth audio setting even if you have selected a midi track.

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+1. I’d be very happy with e, Shift-e, Alt-e etc. key commands to open the various things.


Thanx Freddie and GargoyleStudio for your replies…

so you say they is no way … very sad :frowning:

i will post it in future updates… so maybe there is a way to get it done

Thanx again

Absolutely! This would be a workflow improvement. I too sometimes open the midi channel settings by mistake when I really want the audio channel settings.