Shortcut for hiding noteheads

Sorry if this is a duplicate–I went looking for this in other posts but couldn’t’ find an answer. Is there a keyboard shortcut for hiding noteheads or a way to make one? I tried searching “color” and “opacity” in the keyboard shortcuts search bar, but didn’t find anything. This would greatly speed up my workflow! (I know you can also create custom notehead sets without noteheads, but I like being able to select and move the notehead still when it’s hidden.)

If you make sure that your invisible notehead design still contains something (such as adding text to the glyph but the text is just a few empty Spaces), you can select the noteheads. If the notehead is literally empty, it’ll look the same but won’t be selectable.


Thank you Lillie! This is amazing!!! I made a notehead consisting of 3 spaces and then set a keyboard shortcut for it, so now I have a keyboard shortcut for hiding noteheads!
I can select it, but it’s quite difficult to get it to select. Is there a different way you suggest making/editing the notehead to make that easier? Like making the spaces “bigger” somehow? Or using a transparent notehead/glyph (is that a thing?)? Thank you so much for your help!!

Don’t forget that you can drag a marquee around things (hold down the mouse button and drag out a selection square) which sometimes helps. You can cast a broader net than individual pointed clicks. That may be a sufficient work around for you.


I think in the past, I’ve added possibly around 5 spaces for the notehead glyph - through trial and error, getting the width of the spaces to match more-or-less the width of the previous notehead, using the stem attachment points as a guide. That seemed to improve the ability to select the resulting notes later.

Making larger selections and then filtering down to just notes is certainly a good option for when you want to edit a bunch of notes at once. You can also select a neighbouring normal notehead and navigate through the noteheadless notes using the arrow keys too.

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