Shortcut for moving note up / down

Is there any in the note editor?
Found out that there is one for octaves, but I would like to have a shortcut for moving a note down or up.

The key command is found in Key Commands>MIDI>transpose notes. However that will only go up or down based on what you have set in the Key editor under transpose semi-tones.

The easy way is simply highlight whatever notes you wish, and use the up arrow on your Qwerty Keyboad.

I’m 99% sure there is a Logical Editor preset for that too.

Thanks greggybud,

very much appreciated! Sometimes things can be so simple. Highlight + up/down is what I will use.

Additional Info:
If you do want to change the keybindings to your own likings, here are the respective Commands in Keycommands Window.
(In Keycommands Window,look under the section “Navigate”):

Transpose up 1 semitone: “Up”
Transpose down 1 semitone: “Down”
Transpose up 1 octave: “Add Up”
Transpose down 1 octave: "Add Down"

Thanks a lot for this!

UR Welcome !