Shortcut for opening all plugins on channel

I’m on a Mac and if I hold down Shift+Option and click on “e” (edit channel settings) on a channel - all the plugins on that channel are opened at their last used location.
If you shift-click on “e” again you close all the plugins which I also find extremely handy.

However, I wonder if there is a pure keyboard shortcut for doing the same thing on the selected channel without having to use the mouse? Or possibly accessing the same function with the CC121 controller? That would be really cool as well!

The deluxe version of this would be plugins automatically opening and closing when switching channels.

This might very well be a known feature but I haven’t managed to find it in the manual myself. I have a vague recollection about something like this being discussed earlier.


I can’t help you but Wow what a nice trick! Thanks for that!
It’s Shift+Alt+Click for windows users BTW

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Didn’t know that either. thanks for that.
Haven’t found anything regarding a key command , either, but there is “close all plug-in windows” (does what it says on the tin), and “show/hide plug-ins” (which toggles the visibility of the plugin windows without closing them which can be handy)

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I noticed something new today that makes things easier if you’re a CC121 user:
You can actually use the shortcuts above but instead of clicking with the mouse on the “e” on screen, you can press the “e” button on the CC121.

This, at least for me, makes it easier to use the control since you don’t have to access the mouse as much. :slight_smile:

But mind you, it needs to be a really quick press on “e”, otherwise it only opens up the channel settings.

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