shortcut for select till end of flow

Can’t find the order in the list😔 Has anyone an idea?

It’s there. In the key commands dialogue (in Preferences), search for “end of flow.” I assigned it to Alt-Shift-1.

Thanks for your answer. I use the German version. Alt Shift 1 doesn’t work. There is no Ende der Partie in preferences under selection and navigation :disappointed:

ALT+SHIFT+1 was Dan’s custom assignment; it was not a Dorico assignment. You’d have to find the equivalent to “Ende der Partie” and assign that to your own shortcut. Hope someone can help you find the proper terminology for the technique in your implementation of the software.

I personnaly assigned shift-end which is similar to the same function on Word processing softwares

Soundplane, I assigned Cmd(Ctrl)+Shift+A as custom key combination for this (as Cmd(Ctrl)+A selects all - so it would be similar to this key combi)