Shortcut keys to transport bug with VE pro?

I assume this is just not my system doing this, yet no one else has mentioned it yet.

If I hit “SPACE” to start Cubase - it starts, and I can press "SPACE again to stop it, but that stop action, moves the focus away, so a further “SPACE” does not work any more.

The same applies to “ENTER”, and “0” on the keypad,

at least my control surface still works,

A problem like this with a fundamental thing like starting and stopping is a huge issue,

is anyone else getting this ?


Where is the focus, then?

Is it the same, when you press the Start button via mouse, and then press SPACE? Is the focus lost when Stop, or after the 2nd SPACE?

Nope, it behaves normally here.

Right, to answer your question… It also behaves normally here.

I don’t know what you mean with

but there’s an option in preferences: Stop can either stop at the current position or jump back to the start.

If that’s what you mean.

I expect the window focus is moved to other then Project window. This is how I understand the question. But maybe I’m wrong.

I have discovered the problem now, it’s not really Cubase the offender, but it is Vienna Ensemble. When VE Pro is connected to Cubase, it causes keyboard shortcuts to stop working.
I am sure Steinberg will blame VSL, and VSL will blame Cubase, but it looks more like a VE Pro issue

Seems like there must be something additional that’s also involved since the are a bunch of VE users here who I’d expect would be making a noise if this were happening to them. Maybe edit your OP and change the title to include VE to get their attention.

So VE Pro is in focus then?

OK, the final discovery of the problem (but not a complete solution), it only happens when using CC0 in an expression map when connected to a networked VE Pro/VI Pro.

If I change controller type in VI Pro from CC0 to anything else, the transport shortcut keys are all OK again (on the master - not the slave that is).

If any networked VE Pro user could test this, just set the slave to an instance of VI Pro with CC0 as the Controller type, and an expression map controlling it. Then the SPACE bar in Cubase stops working.