Shortcut/macro/cc that will select the stereo out?

I am using metric a/b workspace on cubase and already assigned a key on my Stream Deck that would toggle between a and B, works great!
The thing is unless the main stereo output channel is selected that key command switching between A and B wouldn’t work.
And so I am in need of a way to select and highlight the main stereo output channel with the press of a button/cc/macro/shortcut no matter where I am on the project.

Thanks to all those who help!

You could do a Project Logical Editor preset (requires Cubase Pro):

Container Type Is - Equal - Track 
Name - Equal - (track name)

and change the function to Select


You can then run that through Process Project Logical > Preset name.

Thanks for your replay
I have Cubase 12 but I admit I have never dealt with a logical editor one question after I do what you wrote above how do I sign a key to it?

You can assign a key command to the Preset in the normal way through Key Commands > Process Project Logical Editor > Preset name.

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I think it did the trick!
Much obliged sir!

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